hey mr. Carter

7:48 PM

so i finally listened to the whole Lil Wayne cd ( i couldn't get past 'mr. Carter" ft. Jay-Z) and here is my opinion on it. he definitely starts off hard for the first group of songs. from "3 peat" to the end of "comfortable" ft. Babyface i was giving the gorilla face and howling "oooh wee". sadly i got lost on "phone home" which the title of course just says ET. "tie my hands" with Robin Thicke does pull me in for a moment because he's talking about New Orleans and its trials. but i'm gone again on "Mrs. Officer" with Bobby Valentino--not good. however Dwayne begins to build back up with "let the beat build" and the cd is pretty doable until the end. and as for "lollipop", as much as i cringe whenever i hear that song on the radio it did find myself bobbing to... so it's all good.

let me say this much, Lil Wayne has definitely surprised me--thank God. you should go get this album and add to the 1 million plus sales that Weezy has acquired in a week.

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