"Wackness" movie trailer

2:33 PM

so this is my morning routine: the alarm goes off and i hit snooze about five times, then i turn my tv to Fox 5 morning news. so this morning was unlike any other as i laid in bed listening to what was going on in the world wishing i could just stay in bed. as i was listening i heard about an independent film called "Wackness" that takes place in 1994 and embodies the NYC hip-hop culture of that time--ok so now my eyes are open. then i heard the reporter say that Method Man and Mary-Kate Olsen were also featured in the Sundance Audience Choice winning film--i'm rolling over to face the tv. lastly they had M-E-T-H-O-D Man on the show this morning to interview him about his role--I'M UP!! the movie is basically about a teenage guy who sees a shrink and pays him with weed and i'm assuming encounters some journeys along the way. from viewing the trailer it seems to be a very interesting and entertaining film. it comes out next week and will only be in NYC.

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