25 September, 2008

Free on iTunes: Ha-Ash, Little Jackie + more

grab full downloads, movie clips and tv shows--for freeeeeee. go to the iTunes store and scroll down to the 'FREE' section.

still in the 'Sex' spirit

tuesday i scooped up my copy of the ltd. ed. of the SATC dvd at Target an hour after it opened--i wasn't playing lol. the dvd also has a free digital copy which is going to be great on my iPod when i have and impromptu train ride to NYC. anyway, here's a widget i received via e-mail and thought some of you gals (and guys) might enjoy.

ps i took the quiz... I'M A CARRIE!!!

6 new drops at Sephora

go to your local Sephora and check these "new lines" and "time-tested classics".

24 September, 2008

"hip-hop meets the Muppets"

kanYe West and Rhymefest are going to co-executive produce a puppet show for Comedy Central.

Billboard magazine said a pilot episode had already been filmed, and featured new music from the Grammy-winning star.
West was also the host but, if the show is commissioned, it will have a new presenter each week - like the Muppets.
Producers on the program, which has the working title Alligator Boots, include South Park writer Jon Kimmel.


22 September, 2008

Nylon: the it girl issue (october)

this just came in the mail about 30 minutes ago and i had to scan it and post (i couldn't find a pic of it online). i breezed through it and it talks about M.I.A.'s clothing line, has some collages of CHANEL and talks about... what else? IT GIRLS!

21 September, 2008

new Rachel Zoe PIPERLIME picks

when RZ says it's good, then you know it's great. prices on PIPERLIME range fron hi's to low's and the stylist to the stars tries on the shoes she loves herself. check out these great picks and click here. oh... and there's free shipping on every order!

20 September, 2008

New Fav Music Vid: Lady GaGa "Just Dance"

this video looks super fun--dang i wish i had friends who lived alone so we could throw parties like this!! oh and this girl's voice is so strong. these petite songstresses are bringing hard these days.

Travis Barker & DJ AM survive plane crash

most recently known as the 2008 Mtv VMA music providers, the two were the only survivors of a plane crash that took place in Georgia at 11:53 p.m. last night. the other four passengers on the flight unfortunately were not as lucky. the two were taken to the Joseph Still Burn Center in Augusta. the jet that started to spark and then crashed onto a nearby road was on its way to Van Nuys, CA.

19 September, 2008

Rutgers University gets a $13M donation

it's the biggest donation in RU history by an alumni. can we say school spirit?

Sex and the City dvd launch party

last night the gals reunited for the SATC dvd release. it was held at the New York Public Library (ironic Carrie wise right?). there was one question that kept brewing in the air. that question was, "will there be a sequel?". Mario Cantone, Charlotte's gay bff, said there's a "90%" chance. that answer mixed with everyone else's Hollywood response of saying everything but "no" pretty much indicates that the foursome will be stomping the NYC streets again. the dvd comes out next tuesday.

Patricia Field x HSN

shop Patricia Field for the Home Shopping Network. of course a lot of the outfits are inspired by the Sex and the City movie. but there's also some cute jewelry and other pieces as well. the items aren't official up for sale yet but you can pre-order. also each order comes with a subscription to Vogue magazine. to get glammed up just click here.

18 September, 2008

Dangerously Beautiful

here's a new graphic tee line based out of Miami. i got an e-mail today from Deviant to check out their gear and i must say it's pretty cute. the 'Ice Cream' tee is my fav. they also do hoodies and fitted caps. if you're interested in checking them out then click here.

where did the vinyl go?

here's a pic of Mark Ronson dj'ing last november at Love in NYC. you know... spinning on the 1's AND 2's. when did djs stop using vinyl? Ronson did have an Apple laptop on hand, but he primarily used vinyl. the first time i saw a dj with a laptop was when Dj AM did a set in NJ circa the Nicole Richie years. so i figured it was a hi-tech new age type of thing. but lately i don't see any record crates... no nothing. am i the only one a wee bit bothered by the whole MacBook dj craze? i'm not knocking it, but it doesn't feel right to me. i need a fade, a scratch--something!!

14 September, 2008

Screen Saver: Rachel Zoe's office

so this is a new feature i'm doing. i always rely on my screen saver as a source of inspiration. i've been obsessed with the RZ and i remember seeing this pic of her office in a back issue of Glamour mag. it took forever for me to find it and was so happy when i finally did. i don't have an office of my own so when i open my MacBook i feel like i'm entering one. it's great and this SS is definitely "shutting it down" lol.

Chanel x Lifetime pt2

ok so i watched the Coco Chanel movie and here are my thoughts: i truly enjoyed the love story between Coco and Boy. i enjoyed the actress, Barbora Bobulova, who played the younger aged Coco (pictured right). as for Shirley Maclaine--major WTF. she didn't even have an ounce of an accent and that turned me off dearly. they did a good job of showing who the designer was and how she obtained her name and place in fashion. but again, Maclaine's part in the movie as the older Mademoiselle Chanel was disappointing. i feel as though her face on the US posters was publicized just because of her name. Bobulova however deserves all of the applaudissements.

you probably think this post is about you...

fake .com-ers

i've been doing my little ol' blogspot for almost a year. i've gone to different events and have met some really cool people. HOWEVER, i've also come across some other people who...well... suck. i'm not going to reveal specific names, but you might crack a few of my codes if you read this through.

there's one blogger (just because you aren't on blogspot doesn't mean that you're official) who just loves to dangle their life and freebies for the world to know about. ok... it's all good... people are living some fabulous lives and i can't hate on that. but here's my question: if you didn't know the people you do, who would you be? where would you go? would anyone even care? i've seen this person at all of the events i go to--so things can't be THAT EXCLUSIVE. i've even seen this person shopping at the same place i shop...hmmm so much for freebies. this person was also recognized at a party and was given props about their site. you know what the .com-ers' response was? just a mere little ungrateful "Thanks."

here's the thing, sometimes i don't even want to attend certain events because i don't want to deal with all of these pretentious, i'm too cool for you types of people. if one person ever came up to me and said, "OMG i enjoy your blog!" i'd give them a hug and i'd make them my bff for life lol. i don't understand how others just let things get to their heads. at the end of the day we all wipe our ass*s the same way, we all have feelings, and we all started off at ground level. so what's so hard with having to turn around and being gracious to people who like what you do?

if you have a site, go to a lot of places, take a lot of pictures, and mingle with a lot of people-go home and WRITE ABOUT IT, then obviously YOU WANT TO BE KNOWN. don't front!!! so here's my request, don't be a b*tch when someone says hi. at least pretend like you give a damn. someone once told me (in relation to this whole world of blogging and trying to get yourself out there) , "At the end of the day, none of this [stuff] even matters." and now i see what they meant.

so i'm just giving you the "the run down and the flow down of how [it] goes down" for all of you people who read these different sites and have no clue as to what goes on behind the scenes. *sigh* i feel better. AND LET THE BLOGGER BEEF BEGIN!!! LOL

13 September, 2008

L.A.M.B. for 'W'

wife to rocker husband, mom of two, songstress, and life-style brand creator Gwen Stefani has now added a new title to her resume--uniform designer. that's correct, she's signed on to design new L.A.M.B. uniforms for the bar staff of the luxury W Hotels.

“I wanted to design a super cute dress that I would be excited to have in my own closet and approached it in the same way I think about my clothing for a tour," Stefani said.

"We’ve designed a sexy and comfortable outfit for these women to wear out on their own stage every night."

soooo where can i go to fill out an application?


11 September, 2008

mr. West is "locked down" pt.2

Kanye Attack Caught on Tape

mr. West is "locked down"

kanYe was arrested at Los Angeles Int'l Airport after he and his crew got into an "altercation" with paparazzi. the innovative rapper is currently in custody.

On Tour: Nokia Theater, NYC

Nokia Theater, NYC

with Avery Storm
October 1

Hot in Herre [Explicit] - Nelly

Cobra Starship
with Forever The Sickest Kids, Hit The Lights, Sing It Loud
(Tickets Still Available for Starland Ballroom 11/20)
Saturday, October 11

Bring It (Snakes On A Plane) - Cobra Starship

Method Man
Method Man & Redman
October 17

Da Rockwilder - method man

Hip Hop Live
Hip Hop Live!
featuring Talib Kweli, David Banner, Little Brother and B.O.B.
Saturday, October 25th

Never Been In Love - Talib Kweli
"Get like Me (Stuntin Is a Habit)" w/ Chris Brown - David Banner Feat. Chris Brown & Young Joc
Away From Me - Little Brother
Grip Ur Body (Amended EP Version) - B.o.B

Metro Station
with Shwayze, Tyga, Cash Cash
(Also at Starland Ballroom on 10/30)
October 29

Shake It - Metro Station
Corona and Lime - Shwayze
Coconut Juice - Tyga ft Travis McCoy

Cypress Hill
Halloween Weekend!
October 30

Boom Biddy Bye (remix) - Cypress Hill & The Fugees

fall line hits H&M stores today

ahhh yes... it's my favorite time of year--AUTUMN!! although it's not officially the season, the retail stores are showing that's it's time. H&M has launched it's Fall 08 line today with items that are "in full force with bright hues such as pink, yellow and green."

here are the top accessories the retail chain is pushing for you to buy. they've definitely caught my attention with the bow purse.

the outfits above and below are my favorites from the new line. j'adore from head to toe!!

i love any brand that states "fashion doesn’t have to cost a fortune". damn right.

we will always remember

10 September, 2008

new Imeem playlist: septemberFALLS


P.O.P. x Missbehave x Karmaloop

i love Princess of the Posse, am a loyal reader of Missbehave mag, and enjoy surfing through Karmaloop for new finds. so how much better can it get to incorporate all three?! Missbehave now has a Pop Up Shop filled with designers' pieces that bring forth a futuristic candy-coated appeal. cute sweaters, colored denim, shiny leggings, and patent boots put the looks together. and don't forget to accessorise with plastic and gold jewelry. majority of the items aren't up for sale yet, so save your pennies and get ready.

shop Karmaloop now and use the rep code RA22169

new nano-chromatic is 'Genius'

the new chromatic iPod is awesome!! it makes a playlist for you based on what you're listening to with the 'Genius' feature. and to shuffle songs, all you have to do is shake it--not your booty--the actual iPod. yes, just give the gadget a shake and it shuffles to a new song. i don't know how these guys do it, but Apple is amazing.

to catch a video demo, click here.

09 September, 2008

Elvis called..

... and he has your numbers Beyonce & Rihanna.

07 September, 2008

VMA top 7: #1 Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Madonna & Missy Elliot "Like a Virgin/Hollywood" bka THE KISS

so now it's reported Britney WON'T be performing, however will be "opening" the show. i guess we'll just have to wait until tonight. for more on THE KISS, click here.


06 September, 2008

VMA top 7: #2 Diddy "Mo Money, Mo Problems / I'll Be Missing You"

it took me forever to find this clip. but it was worth it. i still get chills just watching it. there were some complications with applying the embed code for the first half of the performance with Ma$e. but if you're dying to see some SHINY SUIT MEN just click here.

rip Biggie O:)

05 September, 2008

Rachel Zoe show

am i the only one excited to see this show? i love the master mind of RZ who's turned Nicole Richie into a style icon (although they're no longer on good terms). i like her spunk and who she wears what she likes and always makes others look fabulous. she's also a Jersey girl coming right out of Short Hills. this is definitely going to be a guilty pleasure where at the end of each episode i'll be looking at my wardrobe and saying, "DAMN!"

VMA top 7: #3 Britney Spears "I'm a Slave 4 U"

SO IT'S OFFICIAL--Britney will be opening again this year at the VMA's. and kanYe West, despite his tantrum last year, will be closing the show off.

how gorgeous is she in this performance?!

04 September, 2008

i love me some Isis

did you watch the new cycle of ANTM? i sure did. let's start off with the whole space age theme: it was a good idea in theory, but after a while it was like, "ok you can stop now". the best part of that was seeing Mr. Jay-oops- i mean BETA Jay with his silver hair down. he kind of looked like Michael Jackson to me lol. but i'm going to go straight to the point and say that i adore Isis. the girl knows her stuff (duh all the gays do)! i'm not sure how far she'll go in the competition, but i know that Tyra is smart and will keep her around for a while. but i can just smell that Isis won't take any sh*t from anyone, so i can't wait to see some drama unfold.

now for home-girl who got kicked off--DESERVED IT!! how are you going to introduce yourself by saying, "Hi... I'm America's Next Top Model"? now when you meet people they're going to say, "oh YOU'RE THE GIRL who got KICKED OFF of America's next top model FIRST". and Lord help me if i here one more person sob and say , "I WANT THIS SO BAD!!!" boo hoo hoo. wipe the tears and go for what you want then. you were on the show--so work with that. you don't need to win to get ahead silly. *sigh* ok i'm done-lol.

VMA top 7: #6 Eminem "The Real Slim Shady"

wow i remember just standing outside and taking pics of everyone. i missed this performance because i was on the other end of the street, but i did get a clip of Em in a truck. that night i also got pics of Diddy, Lenny Kravitz, Nelly, i met Moby, Ananda Lewis, Swizz Beats, and the man Jay-Z. those were good times!!

03 September, 2008

ooh vs. eww: the new 90210

i know i was part of the many people who tuned into the new 90210 series. personally, i found it to be pretty good. i enjoyed seeing Kelly and Brenda (Nat needs to retire) lol. i like that Kelly is a single mom still trying to make a difference with teens. it's ironic because out of all of the original cast members you'd expect to find the character of Kelly married to some rich guy and not have to work. another key part of the show is Kelly's little sister Erin-remember her? ok, remember when Kelly's mom and David Silver's father got married and had a baby? that's Erin aka Silver.

downside of the show is that the kids won't cover anything that we haven't seen before, especially with the lead character coming off of Degrassi, c'mon now. and the curly haired blonde ( i don't know all of their names yet) with the lips--yeah she is too old to be playing 16!! but i'm glad there's some color in the mix with the adopted brother. the only time the original class had someone black featured is when Brandon dated a character played by Vivica A. Fox, and when some athlete was being tutored.

so what do the rest of you think? ooh lala or eww lala?? overall i think it will do well and i just hope that there are more cameos by the original cast. now excuse me while i dream about a mega burger :)

VMA top 7: #5 Chris Brown & Rihanna

02 September, 2008

Chanel x Lifetime

so i'm pretty sure that i was one of the first in the blog world to inform about the Coco Chanel movie with the post, "the Coco show". now it's official; i know in my original post it appeared that it would be a mini-series, but no it's a movie. it's set to air on the Lifetime channel this month.

for more Coco info, click here.

New Fav Music Vid: Paramore "That's What You Get"

i love this group, they're like a modern No Doubt. this lead singer is amazing, she's so tiny and her voice is so powerful.

@ 1:31 is EXACTLY how i'd dance to this lol.

VMA top 7: #6 Kid Rock "Bawitdaba"

every time i watch this i get chills. and am i the only one who thinks Kid Rock is white trash sexy?? lol

Jam-Master Jay
& Joe C.

01 September, 2008