29 June, 2008

"16 @ War" by Karina Pasian

if Alicia Keys was 16 years old, this would defintely be a song of hers. the first time i saw this video i remembered being that age and feeling as though there was no one to relate to. Pasian really did a good job touching issues that affect 99.9% of all teenagers everywhere whether it's sex, problems at home, or just wanting to fit it.

27 June, 2008

26 June, 2008

"Wackness" movie trailer

so this is my morning routine: the alarm goes off and i hit snooze about five times, then i turn my tv to Fox 5 morning news. so this morning was unlike any other as i laid in bed listening to what was going on in the world wishing i could just stay in bed. as i was listening i heard about an independent film called "Wackness" that takes place in 1994 and embodies the NYC hip-hop culture of that time--ok so now my eyes are open. then i heard the reporter say that Method Man and Mary-Kate Olsen were also featured in the Sundance Audience Choice winning film--i'm rolling over to face the tv. lastly they had M-E-T-H-O-D Man on the show this morning to interview him about his role--I'M UP!! the movie is basically about a teenage guy who sees a shrink and pays him with weed and i'm assuming encounters some journeys along the way. from viewing the trailer it seems to be a very interesting and entertaining film. it comes out next week and will only be in NYC.

24 June, 2008

BET awards

this performance brought tears to my eyes--no joke!!

ooh: kanYe performing with Young Jeezy
Jabawockeez coming out on Ne-Yo's"Closer" performance
TLC, En Vogue & SWV with Alicia Keys (damn Coko got big)
kanYe pulling Lil Wayne up on stage when he won his award
Chris Brown and Ciara--sexy lil kids eh?
Maxwell? yes please.
Al Green was amazing during his two song set of "Let's Stay Together" and "Love and Happiness"
"A Milli" Lil Wayne was iiillllll!!

eww: when dd Lil Kim grow an a**?
was Cuba Gooding Jr. on a buzz?
the Dream?? best new artist?? and he wasn't even there to accept the award?? c'mon, what else did he have to do??
so what was the big commotion about the T-Pain performance??

... can only hold her for so long

even in the early stages of emphazima Amy Winehouse refuses to sit still--in a good way. she has been rehearsing for Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday and Glastonbury festival this upcoming weekend. even though there's a big chance she will be performing, her people are still waiting for the green light from her doctors.

going going, back back, to Cali Cali

after many years in NYC and a stint last year in Vegas the Mtv Video Music Awards is returning to La La land this September. it's been ten years since it's last venture out to California. the event will be taking place on the rooftops of the Paramount Pictures studios in Hollywood.

"What About Your Friends" by TLC

necessary? real? yes.

22 June, 2008

hot tranny mess

all evening while i was out in BK yesterday there was one catch phrase that kept popping out of my mouth "hot tranny mess". lol the Christian Soriano witty-cisms have been plaguing my brain after reading an article about the most recent Project Runway winner in the current issue of Elle. well i found an SNL skit poking fun at the fierce designer.

20 June, 2008

i love The Soup

Joel is the funniest guy with his witty dry sense of humor. this clip is from a few weeks back but always has me laughing. it's Reba McEntire fumbling over some lyrics. but that's not the funny part--it's the lady who's mocking her that has me going and i don't know why lol. check it out.

hey mr. Carter

so i finally listened to the whole Lil Wayne cd ( i couldn't get past 'mr. Carter" ft. Jay-Z) and here is my opinion on it. he definitely starts off hard for the first group of songs. from "3 peat" to the end of "comfortable" ft. Babyface i was giving the gorilla face and howling "oooh wee". sadly i got lost on "phone home" which the title of course just says ET. "tie my hands" with Robin Thicke does pull me in for a moment because he's talking about New Orleans and its trials. but i'm gone again on "Mrs. Officer" with Bobby Valentino--not good. however Dwayne begins to build back up with "let the beat build" and the cd is pretty doable until the end. and as for "lollipop", as much as i cringe whenever i hear that song on the radio it did find myself bobbing to... so it's all good.

let me say this much, Lil Wayne has definitely surprised me--thank God. you should go get this album and add to the 1 million plus sales that Weezy has acquired in a week.

19 June, 2008

it's a girl ya'll

Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to a baby girl earlier today. the new mom named her infant Maddie and OK magazine has reportedly paid $1 million dollars to get first dibs on baby portraits. i'm not sure if i feel good saying "congrats" in a situation like this, so i'll just say "God bless".

it's on tonight

the auditions are over and now it's time to battle!!!!!!!!!

18 June, 2008

glossy addiction

as i'm typing this they're all by my side in bed. however you can get your own at your local magazine stand, Barnes and Noble, Borders etc. etc. etc.

P.O.P. lanch party pt.2

so a few weeks back i posted the flyer to the Princess of the Posse launch party at Anchor in NYC. i went and had the chance to meet a good handful of people that i always chatted with online: Radio Rose (Around the Way Girls), Annie (Cubannie Links), KayBe & Jennifer (P.O.P.), and my girl Jewels (Bubblegum Pony*s). so it was a productive yet fun time. the pic above is of myself rockin' the 'Bamboozled Tee' with ms. KayBe and you can see more pics on their MySpace page. btw they gave out a sick swag bag with a tote, tee, earrings, P.O.P. sticker and some yummy goodies. ohhhh and yessssssss I GOT MY SCARF!!


before Chris Brown... Usher... Justin Timberlake... even Michael Jackson... there was Mr. Fred Astaire

grand opening of Ikea in BK today

the day has come for those who have slept out since monday to barge into the doors of the most beloved home decor store there is--Ikea. i was unaware of how much this place meant to people, but i guess when you live about 25 minutes away from one... it was only the other day when i was talking to my mother about the opening when she informed me her boss recieved pre-opening tickets. "PRE-OPENING TICKETS!!?? TO A FURNITURE STORE??!!" well Brooklyn and the rest of NYC your time has come to upgrade your fab homes and tiny apartments where you're bathroom is shared with five other tenants. have fuunnn!!!!

1 Beard Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

15 June, 2008

'Get Smart'

i just finished watching the free iTunes clip of this movie which is a remake of the classic 60's comedy and it pulled a giggle out of my system. i find Steve Carell so witty and Anne Hathaway has stolen my heart after i watched 'The Devil Wears Prada' AND she's a Jersey girl (Millburn to be exact). if you'd like to see the clip then check it out on iTunes--it's a free download. or you can see the full movie in theaters on June 20th.

14 June, 2008

lace yo neck

Nylon mag has come out with some cool jewelry. there are some necklaces and a Lego ring that's pretty hot. check them out at Karmaloop (check under fuchsiaMAG friends).

to purchase this or anything else off of the 'loop use savings code RA22169

fuchsia x Paper


so i went into my imeem account just to upload a song and i had a friend request from Paper mag. i'm not sure if the page is "official" but just getting a request was good enough for me. i went onto their page and noticed this in their blog section and thought it was cool--so i decided to share it with you all because sharing is caring.

"From Stevie Nicks' billowy dresses, to Grace Jones's power-suits, to Madonna's Gaultier bra, to Björk's swan get-up, female musicians have a long history of making fashion statements. These days, the current crop of songstresses, both up-and-coming and fairly established, are carrying on the tradition. To honor these women and their impeccable senses of style, we decided to compile a list who we think are the 25 most fiercely fashionable femmes doing their thing in the music biz today. As a way to keep things organized, we divided up the gals into those that rock an ethereal, very L.A. flower child look, those who go for the chic high-fashion thing, those who dress like an early-'90s club kid, those who think outside of the fashion box and those who we lovingly like to refer to as hot messes."

for the full write up click here.

3 artists, 2 chucks, 1 hot song

Julian Casablancas (of the Strokes) Santogold, and Pharrell link up to create "My Drive Thru" for Converse. i first noticed this ad in the current issue of Paper mag, but i'm not one to give advertisements too much attention until i started to peep the pic up on some other sites. then when i discovered there was a free download involved i decided to give it a try. "My Drive Thru" is currently in the top 3 of my favorite songs this season. the beat alone with the guitars is sexy enough, but with P's Prince-like vocals, Julian's rock-star cool, and Santi's subtle lyrical jabs--yeah this is a definitely a go.

for the free download click here.

My Drive Thru - Santogold, Casablancas, NERD

13 June, 2008

inbox alerts

here are some e-mails i received in my gmail and would like to share:


I know its been awhile, so here are a couple updates: NYFC has added 2
new designers F.O.G. House and Deeply Rooted so go check the site!

Haize.Rava Heart Hoodie is still on sale so if you haven't yet please
go cop one. See Jesse Boykins III - Tabloids (Music Video Official).... he is
wearin the Haize.Rava Heart Hoodie or just turn to BET and
catch the video!

GO read what's new on my blog

Have a Fabulous Day!


Haize.Rava "SupA Designer"


I am emailing you today to let you know about a hilarious new original video we've added to KarmaloopTV
called Hot Chicks Huge Kicks. This clever video which is a tongue and cheek poke at the obsession in the
sneaker culture that we love. The video has already been featured on some major sites like Hypebeast.com
and Nicekicks.com. BUT, if we really want to get amazing exposure on this video I know that it's up to the power
of YOU, the all-star reps, that can make this happen. So what we're asking you is that you check the video out
here and if you find it entertaining then help us spread the word. We have fooled a lot of people who thought
the video is a real phone line...hehehehe...if you want to send it out like that go ahead......we even set up a fake
phone line that works call it and you will see what we mean!!!

Your help blowing this up is greatly appreciated...

I give you Hot Chicks with Huge Kicks...spread the word:

All the best,
Dennis aka The Kid


Eschmitte' Brand Clothing (pronounced esh-muh-tay) or "Esch" for short is a bit of a cultural mutt. Born out of the '80s and '90s, we are inextricably tied to and influenced by the glory days of pop culture, the height of TV sitcoms, Reaganomics, big business, the many unforgettable sports teams and figures, dirty politics, civil unrest, Michael Jordan and Nike, racial tension/racial pride, and perhaps most importantly, the glory days of hip hop and daring fashion sense. In short, we represent the epitome of where society has been, where we endeavor to go and how we'll look on that journey.

The reality is there are 7,389,023,476 clothing companies out there (and counting) professing to be whatever makes them better than the next. Some good - many are wack. Frankly, it isn't our mission to be the best, nobody ever really is. Our mission is to give you quality product that remains relevant, you enjoy sportin' and we enjoy seeing you in it.

Times change. People evolve. From gangstas to geeks - pimps to prostitutes. Cuff links to cuban linx - hustlers to hermits. Trends soon will fade. Esch is born. and Style is Crucial.

**check out the "emcees should know their limitations" tee**



Soul Fash: click the image for complete info.


if there's any new info//gossip//news//whatever you want me to know about hit me up at fuchsiamag@gmail.com

12 June, 2008

"Seeing Sounds" you won't believe your eyes... well ears

can we say "YES!!!" i haven't even listened to the whole album yet and i'm already raving about it. i don't care how "white" they're stuff sounds (when did music get color?) n.3.r.d. is f'ing awesome!!! i've been a fan since the first single "Lapdance" (am i the only one who misses Pharrell with a mustache? )and will forever remain one. oh and i actually bought this cd and i'm happy to see the art of cd jackets coming back to life :)

ps. if you went to the Glow in the Dark show then you know this one...

Anti Matter - N*E*R*D

11 June, 2008

cocktails for a cause

deko lounge

new jersey

bring your $$$

see you there!!

juneDAZE playlist


1. Gnarls Barkely "Suprise"
i keep telling people these guys are the GOSPEL. if you take the time to actually listen to the lyrics they are the TRUTH. and not in the way you say it to people just to sound cool--they really are. every time i listen to this song i feel like they are schooling me on how i need to honestly be with people. take heed people.

2. Santogold "Say Aha"
this is just a fun song that makes me want to jump around and act silly--and it has that surfer vibe with it.  am i the only one who feels it?

3.  n.3.r.d.  "Spaz"
loved the commercial and loved jumping around to this at the GITD show and loved seeing Chris Brown act a fool to this onstage!!!

4.  n.3.r.d.  "Everyone Nose" remix
a song with weezy, lupe, AND skateboard p? *pause* lol  how can you not?

5.  The Cool Kids "88"
i think these dudes are pretty cool.  this was a free dl on iTunes so i just added it at the last minute to mix things up.

6.  Danity Kane ft. Day 26 & Donnie  "Ain't Going"
this song is hot and i don't care what anyone says.  i always want to dance and go out when i hear this.  it's also fun to drive to at night.

7.  Christian Rich "Famous Girl 07"
the first time i heard this was on the DimePiece video.  i emailed the designers to find out who the artist was and then after a lot of searching i finally found it.  i like to think he's singing about me lol.

8.  Lloyd ft. Lil' Wayne  "Girls All Around the World"
fun, breezy, summer time, and these two work well with each other--doable.

9.  Madonna ft. Pharrell & kanYe West  "Beat Goes On"
one of a few of the best songs on her most recent album.  i think the featured artists are what make it pop.  but it's groovy and helps keep Madge among the younger folks.

10.  Natasha Bedingfield  "Pocketful of Sunshine" remix
like all die-hard 'Hills' fans i heard this song on the reality show.  Natasha seems to do well with anthem type songs that are light yet heavy at the same time.  overall i like this song more than a "pocketful" lol---booooo

11.  Kid Cudi "Lovestoned Freestyle"
he's sexy and that's all i care about at times.  he can rap the alphabet and i'd like it.  see you in July Kid!!

12.  Ne-Yo "Closer"
am i the only one who tries to do the dance moves in this video? lol this song is all around dopeness.

13.  The Gossip "Standing in the Way of Control"
i wish nothing but the best for this band.  they are fronted by a big girl and i luh dat.  plus her voice is major.  

14.  Adele "Cold Shoulder"

15.  Duffy "Delayed Devotion"
she's featured in the current Paper mag.  i'm telling you she may not be as wild as Amy, but she's just as good.

16.  Jem "It's Amazing"
this is from the Sex and the City movie soundtrack and to me it personally sums up the relationship between Carrie and Big and puts a pretty yet uneven bow on what they have.

17.  Justin Nozuka "After Tonight"
ok so if you didn't know this was the "new kid" on the Canadian hit 'Degrassi'.  he was Manny's love interest for a few episodes.  i couldn't recognize the boy with his new low haircut, but i never forget a pair of eyes.  this song makes me want to camping---nahhhh lol.

18.  Coldplay "Violet Hill"

10 June, 2008

09 June, 2008

the Warrens welcome Honor

newlyweds Jesscia and Cash Warren welcomed a baby girl over the weekend, Honor Marie.

08 June, 2008


WSUP TO ALL MY PUERTO RICANS!!!! MY EAST TREMONT BX RICANS!!!!!!!!!!! i was out in the city last night and people were already celebrating by waving flags out of windows and displaying them on their cars. i hope that everyone who is/went out to the Puerto Rican Day Parade had a great and safe time.

still miss you Abuela...

100% Puro - Big Pun

a woman's first aid kit

so i don't know how to use a sewing machine and i learned how to knit when i was about 11 years old but have forgotten the technique. but after a quick visit to the dollar store today and picking up a few items, i realized it was time to suck it up and grab some sewing supplies. it's the best $2.00 i've spent in a long time. i just finished "saving" my Banana Republic knit poncho and my Sex and the City garment bag. yay me!!

ps. thanks Mom for showing me how to do the blanket stitch. however i still don't have the knot trick down yet--but i'll get there.

07 June, 2008

Spike vs. Clint

Spike: you don't put any black people in your movies.

Clint: shut your face.

Spike: your just an angry old man.

ps. Spike has a new movie coming out. makes sense now right? no? oh, it's called--publicity stunt.

i want to see 'Wanted'

with Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman AND Common, this is definitely a must see. along with the fact that i have a thing for movies dealing with assassins... don't ask.

06 June, 2008

it's not a "murse"

check out the new double issue of Paper magazine. the cover boy, Pharrell, spends some quality time talking about his purple Hermès Birkin bag which he states is not a "murse" but his travel bag. his travel bag that he owns in several colors with one on the way...hmmm ok. either way, i love his music and his style--therefore i love him. purple purse and all lol ;)

i just can't get enough

as the July '08 Marie Claire mag says, "the girls are BACK", but in my world they never left. i bought this today at my local CVS not knowing that it had 4 covers (well SJP has the main cover). i'm not too wild about MC but as i flipped through it seems to have some good fashion and makeup tips along with some buzz with new music and movies for the summer. i mean, with SATC leading the mag for the month it has no choice but to be fabulous.


as you may know every month i put together a playlist with songs i think are cool and worthy of being listened to

well now i want to play YOUR music

if you're interested feel free to send some of your music

1. no more than 2 songs sent
2. good quality (sound) tracks
3. i am not paying to download your music so there has to be a downloadable link(s)
4. last day to send music will be Saturday July 5, 2008

*****please send all songs/info to fuchsiaMAG@gmail.com*****

the songs i pick will be uploaded for the August playlist and will be featured on my myspace, blogspot, imeem, and facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whitney gets spinoff show

US Weekly is reporting that Whitney Port will be recieving her own show starting in the fall. she will be bi-coastal due to her job with fashion pr firm People's Revolution. Whitney will be making some new friends and hanging out with some socialites. i think this will be a good move and i'd watch this any day over the scary Speidi couple.

the final farewell for YSL

Paris bid adieu to Yves Saint Laurent. attendees at the designer's funeral included the President and First Lady of France, Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, fellow designers Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood, Valentino and John Galliano, models Latetia Casta and Claudia Schiffer and YSL's legally wed partner along with the designer's 94 year old mother. on lookers clapped as the the simple oak coffin entered the church and moments later applauded again as the French flag covered coffin exited the church . the French couturier will be cremated and his ashes will be spread in the gardens of his Marrakesh villa.

Central Park Summer Stage

Sunday, July 20th A-trak, Diplo, my kindergarten crush Kid Cudi, and my new b*tch Santi White bka Santogold will be performing at Central Park's Summer Stage. show starts @ 3pm and ends at 7pm. other sites have been showing that Kid Sister will also be there,

so check it, if you like to jump and get sweaty at shows, then meet me there so we can get crazy together. if you're pompous and think you're just too fly--i hope you have a great time.

ps. IT'S FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hip-Hop supports Obama

this clip is from Mtv.com. 50 Cent, T.I., Young Jeezy, and NaS weigh in on how they feel about Obama's democratic run. the video also has a clip of NaS' new song "Black President".

05 June, 2008

new Bubblegum Pony*s totes

my friend Jewels has put these really cute "I Love NY" totes for your pleasure. it's a spin on the classic "I Heart NY" logo, but with a ghetto girl at heart twist (pun intended). these totes come in many different colors and are a good size to carry your flats, water, mags, makeup bag, umbrella, and a snack in. they retail for $25--not bad at all.

and yes i do have one. which one you ask? the black with pink bamboo heart :) THANKS JEWELS!!!

ps. you need to peep the video to get all the contact info or just click here.

04 June, 2008

not now Lily pt. 2

no, no, no , no, noooooooooo!!! my number one London girl is going mad. after giving herself a home dye job, ms. Allen attended the Glammies (Glamour mag awards) with cotton candy colored hair and a white dress by Giles Deacon with a blazoned bleeding Bambi. some believe the pop singer is lashing out due to her unfortunate miscarriage and breakup earlier this year.

i just want her to go through her phases and come out with a great sophomore album. i have my fingers crossed for you Lily.

thanks Jenine.


"Positioned at a spot near Tower Bridge, it allows people to watch their counterparts in New York, peering through an identical scope near the Brooklyn Bridge.

It is the invention of Paul St George, a 53-year-old artist in based in London who - using broadband internet cable to transmit video images between the two venues at high speed - gives the impression that the two cities are connected via a telescope under the Atlantic sea."*

friends and family have been using the 'scope to re-unite with a phone in one hand and the other hand free to wave.  while strangers have just been peeking through to see who's on the other side.  the telectroscope will be available until june 15th.


03 June, 2008

america's next top New York Times Magazine model

Tyra Banks is on the cover of the NYT mag. in her interview she says that she would like to be put in the same categories as Martha Stewart and Oprah. for our generation i believe that she is doing a good job at that; as long as she stays out of jail. the model mogul also states that she has 200 different smiles. pretty creepy as you can see in the third pic. i only have two, my real smile and fake smile :/

ps. look at mr. Jay sans the flat top... pretty creepy (what's with me and "pretty creepy" in this post?) lol

02 June, 2008

"Flashing Lights pt. 2" by kanYe west... duh!!! lol

thanks Jewels!

ps. i'm about to start calling mr. West Degrassi... because he goes there...

so your cousin surprised you at work. what's the fuss??

thanks antwon.

record braking

the Sex and the City movie pulled in $55.7 million over the weekend bumping Indie into second place. the SATC movie has also become the first romantic comedy and rated 'R' comedy to pull in that much money in an opening EVER!! fabulous!!

now here's my take on the film since most of you have seen it already. if not, well...

i did enjoy the movie overall, but here are some little things that could've been worked on:

1. although i was happy they added a sista by bringing Jennifer Hudson onto the cast, she could've played up her role a bit more.
2. the fifth lady, New York City, was not displayed as much as it could have.
3. how many times were the girls going to squeal every time they saw each other?
4. i needed a scene with just Carrie and Stanford. from pics you can see that one was recorded, but didn't make it on to the screen. :( (or did i miss it??)
5. and lastly, Carrie should've gotten the wedding she wanted. it was Big's third and her first--so what was his problem? when he married Natasha, did he not have a jazz song playing when she walked down the aisle? wasn't that so "Big"?

but like i said. minus those small glitches and the movie is still whimsical, fun, and satisfying :)